“Colors of the Caribbean” Lemonade

My wife and I recently returned from an extended visit to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  While I did indeed cook a great many dishes on the island, when we returned, we wanted to have a theme drink to serve our friends while we bored them with our stories and photographs.

Like this one…

See that beautiful color of the ocean.  This photo was taken in “the Baths” in Virgin Gorda, of the British Virgin Isles.  I just fell in love with the colors of the Caribbean, and wanted to recreate this color in a drink.

So, I give you the “Colors of the Caribbean” Lemonade

Start with 1/2 a pitcher (about 5 cups) of your favorite Lemonade
Add 1 cup Blue Alize Liqueur (blue Alize is a French Cognac mixture with Passion Fruit, Cherries, Ginger and other exotic fruit juices.
Fill with ice
Garnish with Lemon Slices

serve in tall Collins size glass, and garnish with Lemon Slices


About 2ways2cook

Mastering the art of Cul de Sac Cuizine one dinner party at a time!
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