My “Sodom and Gomorrah” Salt Mix made with Sesame Seeds and Garlic

I love spices!

I love to mix spices!

But mostly I love to use my own spice mixes in my cooking.  This particular one, I call My “Sodom and Gomorrah”…

It is a mixture of equal amounts of medium grind Sea Salt, White and Black Sesame Seeds and dried Garlic Flakes.  The size of the grind on the sea salt is very important.  Ideally, as seen in the photo at left, the sea salt, sesame seeds and the garlic flakes are all close to the same size.

This mix is a perfect substitute for plain table salt.  If you or a loved one is trying to cut down on salt for health or water retention reasons, this mixture does not skimp on flavor.  In fact, with the addition of the garlic, it can be argued that there are health benefits that make this a perfect alternative.  The sesame seeds are rich in minerals like iron and calcium; Vitamin B1 and E as well.  Best of all, Sesame seeds include antioxidants and anti-cancer properties.

So yes, Sodom and Gomorrah look to the salt mix, but a heavenly useful mixture.  Taste and health benefits!

Making the mixture is very easy…

Equal parts –

Coarse ground Sea Salt
Course  dried Garlic Flakes
White Sesame Seeds
Black Sesame Seeds

Once you have the mix, use as a topping for eggs (anything you would ordinarily add salt as a condiment).  It is amazing sprinkled onto of baking bread or rolls.  The heat in the oven makes the seeds open up, making your kitchen smell fabulous.  Roasted garlic and the sea salt adds another layer of flavors on the bread.

Just imagine the possiblities!

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“Colors of the Caribbean” Lemonade

My wife and I recently returned from an extended visit to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  While I did indeed cook a great many dishes on the island, when we returned, we wanted to have a theme drink to serve our friends while we bored them with our stories and photographs.

Like this one…

See that beautiful color of the ocean.  This photo was taken in “the Baths” in Virgin Gorda, of the British Virgin Isles.  I just fell in love with the colors of the Caribbean, and wanted to recreate this color in a drink.

So, I give you the “Colors of the Caribbean” Lemonade

Start with 1/2 a pitcher (about 5 cups) of your favorite Lemonade
Add 1 cup Blue Alize Liqueur (blue Alize is a French Cognac mixture with Passion Fruit, Cherries, Ginger and other exotic fruit juices.
Fill with ice
Garnish with Lemon Slices

serve in tall Collins size glass, and garnish with Lemon Slices

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There really are Two Ways to Cook

Insalata Caprese with a Cup of BasilFirst, Happy Birthday to Julia Child.

She started cooking late in life, as have I.

2 Ways 2 Cook.

  • Magazine worthy presentation vs dishing it up for the kids
  • Haute Cuisine vs Simple ingredients for a simple yet fulfilling dish
  • Hours of prep work vs quick and simple
  • Adapting to taste vs following a recipe
  • Doing it right vs doing it to get done
  • Learning vs consistent

To everything there is a season…

And a way to cook!

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